RiskCom together with its partner Carus holds the following seminar:

Biological and chemical remediation agents and their application using innovative injection technologies on 26 April 2018 at Dechema in Frankfurt.

  • Dr. Lorenzo Sacchetti, Carus: Combined Chemical and biological remedies: fundamentals and some case studies
  • Dr. Rolf Gaupp, RiskCom: Relevant Mechanisms for biological and chemical subsurface remediation using agents
  • Uwe Dannwolf, RiskCom: Injection techniques and experience with i-SAV©
  • Raul Mucciolella, Geostream: Comprehensive remediation equipment: experiences from a global player.

October 2017

3rd Winner of the NICOLE Innovation Award

in-Situ Injection Technology: i-SAV © – RiskCom GmbH –>


Altlastentag Hannover 2016, 8 September 2016

Fachtagung In-situ-Sanierung von Altlasten, Biel, Schweiz, 14 September 2016

RemTec EXPO, Ferrara, Italien, 21 through 23 September 2016

DECHEMA, Symposium Strategien zur Boden- und Grundwassersanierung, Frankfurt, 22 through 23 November 2016. Talk Uwe Dannwolf “Oversight on injection techniques and experiences with injection of remediation agents into contaminant plumes” on 22 November 2016



Since October 2015: Member of the EU Commission working group Hydrocarbon-BREF.

31.05.2015: Interview in the leading German newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” about environmental impacts of shale gas development

24.03.2015: Presentation on environmental impacts of shale gas development using fracking at the “Society to the study of structural political questions in the German Bundestag”


26.11.2014: Presentation on environmental impacts of shale gas development on groundwater at the parliamentary group-open meeting of the CDU/CSU party in the German Bundestag

September 2014

German National Television ARD Interview on environmental impacts of fracking at 09.09.2014:


Soon to come