About us

Large Projects not only require large teams – they require competent, experienced specialists who can make rapid and informed decisions because project schedules and processes do not tolerate errors or delays.  We at RiskCom offer these expert, professional services. Each of our Partners is eminently qualified  in their fields of expertise, and brings many years of experience on major and international projects. We deliberately avoid the cumbersome, internal structures of large engineering firms. This allows us to work together more closely and focus more intensively on projects for the benefit of our clients.

We are entrepreneurs, not employees. What motivates us is collective success. Whether professional expert, consultant, designer or project director – we stand as a responsible partner who is fully committed to our clients.

We do not delegate our services, we provide them ourselves. This is why we know of what we speak, and this allows us to offer realistic and practical solutions.  Our long-standing experience and interdisciplinary know-how is what makes our team successful – over many years.

We are a veteran team with proven success on many challenging projects. We look for customized solutions that are superior to standard approaches.  We apply new and innovative technologies to save our clients time and money.

We guarantee a high standard of personal understanding and trust for our clients. Our reputation is more important to us than a quick profit. Our clients can rely upon the quality of our data and analyses, as well as our loyalty.


Uwe Dannwolf and Anke Heckelsmüller comprise the Management of the company, founded in 2009.  Both experts combine their highly developed technical competencies and applied knowledge to their work. Our management team demonstrates how the protection of natural resources can be harmonized with the economic interests of the economy. Our varied scientific backgrounds ideally equip us as experts for undertaking  a diverse range of risk assessment projects and incorporating creative new ideas.

Uwe Dannwolf

Uwe Dannwolf takes his role as managing director earnestly and naturally. His international outlook motivates him to work on long term project commitments out of country and overseas. He spent eight years on the investigation and evaluation of coal and gold mines in Australia, for example. He was also involved in the investigation and remediation of brownfield sites for over two decades. Dannwolf managed complex remediation projects, especially in bedrock formations. He was the acting project director for 15 years on one of the largest brownfield remediation projects for the US Army worldwide. This assignment, which resulted in the successful clean up of the site using chemical oxidation (since 2015 also through the i-SAV© technology) , in addition to a successful in-situ thermal site remediation project, attests to his extensive expertise.

His passion for complex projects has been dominated by risk evaluation projects for over 15 years. Dannwolf’s expertise was relied upon to evaluate the financial and liability risks of many commercial and industrial properties of national and international corporations. He developed and implemented risk assessment- and management systems on large international projects such as geothermal plants, mines, pipelines, tunneling projects, carbon captures and storage technologies, harbour facilities, toy safety, hazardous waste landfill depots, waste incineration for power facilities, nuclear power plants, etc. Uwe Dannwolf taught risk management for economic engineers at the University of Pforzheim from 2010 to 2012, and has been teaching at the University of Rottenburg since 2013 to 2016.

Anke Heckelsmüller

Anke Heckelsmüller has been applying her competencies as a geologist in the fields of environmental- quality-, and risk/benefit- risk management  since 1996. One of her major fields of work are investigations and due diligence in regards to environmental protection and preventative measures to mitigate the effects of hazardous substances.  She has led many projects concerning risk/benefit- risk management, environmental due diligence, development of environmental management systems, and subsurface environmental investigations of soil and groundwater contamination. She acted as a well versed project director in the high profile „Fracturing “project on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Nuclear Safety.

She is actively engaged in workshops and educational exchanges to promote and follow through on environmentally relevant topics and goals.

Anke Heckelsmüller supports industrial enterprises and regulators at an international level in developing and implementing risk management and environmental management systems. Her risk assessment projects include an extensive range of qualitative and quantitative analyses, risk reduction strategies, and the development of recommendations for appropriate action.