Risk Studies

security instead of unsuccessful risk

Risk Studies to Increase your Probability of Success

Societies are continually faced with new risks due to global political and economic changes. Solutions to these challenges are not always initially at hand, and are a cause for uncertainty among citizens. Even economies are significantly challenged by such change, and whoever wishes to remain current with the times needs to stand up to and face these challenges.  Contemporary examples, cited almost daily in the media, include among others, transition to green energy, industry 4.0, hydraulic fracturing, refugees, etc.

Risk studies on both large and small scales help to produce clarity and thereby reduce uncertainty. The ideal time to carry out a study is immediately before the introduction of new technology. The results of risk studies provide and valuable and fundamental contribution for subsequent discussions. Risk studies help prevent the unnecessary focus on issues that are not scientifically or technologically relevant. They enable an early detection of risks and provide a framework for a subsequent risk assessment. This also allows an improved ranking of priorities, if for example larger risks can be excluded from the beginning.

RiskCom has gained extensive experience in recent years from conducting risk studies for national and international regulators and industry. Since risk assessments are, as a rule, of immediate political, economic, and technical relevance, RiskCom places special emphasis on a scientifically based data and transparent and credible risk analysis process. Should the implementation of a risk study require a broad spectrum of expert knowledge, then RiskCom will organize a panel of experts that represent the various areas of interest that reflect those of the community. The results of a RiskCom risk study are guaranteed to elicit trust in the community due the plausibility and credibility of our expert testimony.

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