Cost-effective, procedures for the sustainable cleaning of

contaminated floors. Binding planning and execution

with a tight schedule. So that you are back at the start quickly.


Our ISAV © in-situ efficiency program ( “domestic s itu a d v antage”) is successfully used for the targeted Injektatplazierung means of hydraulic stimulation at problem locations (hard rock, contamination spots in less permeable areas or cultivations).

With the method, a highly concentrated (> 80%) remediation reagent suspension for pollutant degradation by means of pressure is specifically targeted and injected into the contaminated area during the drilling process. In this way, layers with increased permeability are permanently produced in a large radius around the injection site in order to bring the substrate into contact with the contaminants or to generate a return of the pollutant phases.

The isav © process can be used for almost all contaminants, in the pollutant source and for flag restoration, as the sole remediation method and in combination with other (in-situ) remediation methods. But also to increase the efficiency of ongoing renovations or safeguards such as Pump & Treat.


Your Request

Simply fill out our location checklist and we will give you a clear answer as to whether your problem location can be remediated using our i-SAV procedure. We provide you with a budget.

Range Plan

If you or your customer want a renovation concept and a reliable offer, we would be happy to do it for you.

For the determination of the mass of the remediation reagents and the consideration of the mandate conditions only small costs are incurred for our expenses.


You want to renovate your location – on the basis of our offer, we carry out the on-site work. As a rule, this process takes no longer than 4 weeks.