Above: i-SAV© in-situ efficiency program: Creation of pathways leading to a significantly improved injection

Below: Thermal in-situ remediation (TISR)

Efficient Remediation

A cost- effective and timely remediation is often dependent on the implementation of innovative remedial technologies. RiskCom optimizes soil- and groundwater remediation by thoroughly analysing site conditions and selecting the most cost-effective remediation technologies. Examples of passive methods are capping and impermeable barriers; active methods include classic technologies such as pump & treat, air sparging, or soil vapour extraction, and newer approaches such as chemical, biological, or thermal in-situ treatment. Our i-SAV© in-situ Efficiency Program offers targeted and  hydraulically induced stimulation and  emplacement  services to overcome the limitations of conventional in-situ approaches. For more details click here. This results in a significant improvement in overall remedial performance, even at sites  where existing in-situ remediation systems are in place.

Our services:

  • Excavation and large diameter borings;
  • Site safeguarding with Pump & Treat;
  • Cold and warm soil vapour extraction;
  • Thermal in-situ Remediation (TISR) using in-house equipment;
  • Bioremediation;
  • In- situ chemical oxidation (ISCO);
  • Optimization of existing, operational remediation systems;
  • I-SAV© in-situ Efficiency Program with in-house equipment, protocols and experience.
  • Our competencies also enable us to serve as prime contractor on our clients‘ behalf.

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