Remedial Investigations

Cost-benefit-risk analysis of different remediation options

Remedial Investigations

A successful remediation is only possible on the basis of accurately delineated contaminant source areas and associated contaminant plumes. The appropriate remediation strategy is dependent on the quality of the remedial investigation. Especially important is a dependable assessment of groundwater conditions using relevant site characterization data, pumping tests, and subsequent modelling.

RiskCom uses the advantage of numerical simulation for the determination of groundwater flow and contaminant transport properties, thus enabling a prediction of contaminant spreading. The results form the basis for the selection, preparation, and implementation of appropriate remedial technologies.

Our services:

  • Pumping tests (air, water);
  • Site characterization (geotechnical, hydrogeological);
  • Multi-zonal contaminant investigations and development of conceptual site models;
  • Groundwater-/Contaminant transport modelling, seepage predictions;
  • Site decommissioning and remedial planning / optimization of remediation techniques using RiskCom’s in- situ Efficiency Program (I-SAV©);
  • Robust, quantitative and risk-based feasibility studies;
  • Expert review, e.g. on preparation of remedial contracts;
  • Acquisition and management of funding grants.

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