Environmental Risk Analysis

There was from RiskCom a technical risk comparison and a risk assessment including a sociological study for the HDR geothermal project in Basel, Switzerland.

Risk Analyses for Insurance and Organization of Risk Transfers

We assist our clients and insurers by preparing the necessary documentation to support them for a release from risk transfers. This includes ascertaining facts and making estimates of future risk. We know which documentation is necessary,  for example, to obtain an underwriting  for a Pollution and Remediation Legal Liability coverage, or to implement an „Alternative Risk Transfer“ (ART) solution. This is all made possible through our experience and long-standing business relationships.

Environmental Studies with Risk Analysis

Risk analyses in the context of possible environmental effects, e.g. the introduction of new technologies, can be beneficial on large as well as small scale, for mitigating uncertainties and providing clarity.  The ideal timeframe for carrying out a study is immediately prior to the introduction of new technology. The results of the risk study provide a valuable and fundamental contribution for subsequent discussions. It can thereby prevent the needless dissection of underlying themes that have no scientific or technical merit.

RiskCom was recently commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Environment, Conservation and  Reactor  Safety  to direct  a research and development project, together with a selected team of experts,  on the Risks and Environmental Effects of Fracturing associated with natural gas exploration in unconventional reservoirs. A majority of the study’s recommendations were adopted in the draft legislation of regulatory statutes proposed for fracturing.
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