Environmental Due Diligence

Construction of a new factory building in India

Environmental Due Diligence

The goal of environmental due diligence is the identification of environmental risks in real estate transactions or corporate acquisitions and mergers.

RiskCom conducts risk evaluations on properties, facilities, or environmentally non-compliant businesses operations, thus avoiding „red flag“ issues and identifying unanticipated costs that may need to be incorporated into project budgets. By forecasting the financial consequences of buying or selling a property we can improve the accuracy of the property appraisal for our clients. These environmentally related cost assessments provide both buyers and sellers the necessary security of investment before the contract is finalized.

RiskCom conducts portfolio analyses using our RIMPro© risk software to identify accrued liabilities and required financial reserves associated with transactions, in accordance with accepted accounting practice. The results of our portfolio analyses have been accepted by accounting firms globally on nearly 100 due diligence assessments carried out to date.

Our services:

  • Strategic consulting for corporate acquisitions and divestitures including the global prioritization of  properties;
  • Historical research and evaluation of potential risks with respect to soil and groundwater contamination;
  • Testing of facilities for environmental compliance;
  • Detection and evaluation of potential building-related contaminants;
  • Compliance testing for country-specific environmental standards;
  • Testing and evaluation of waste management practices, handling and storage of dangerous materials, waste discharge and emissions.
  • Testing and evaluation of workplace health and safety;
  • Portfolio analyses using our risk software RIMPro©.

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