Compliance & Environmental Management Systems

Examination of a storage of dangerous materials according to the ordinance on hazardous substances.

Compliance Audits: In line with legislation

A compliance audit from RiskCom informs our clients on the environmental regulatory compliance of their business operations as well as adherence to internal quality- and safety standards. This ensures that business risks related to workplace health and safety and environmental protection are identified, and that corrective measures are implemented and business processes optimized, to remove these risks. This can be achieved with the help of a functional environmental management system which is properly integrated into the corporate framework of environmental values.

Our services:

  • Testing of workplace health and safety, and accident prevention measures;
  • Testing of emmissions and pollutants;
  • Expert review of water rights and permitting;
  • Handling and storage of Hazardous Goods and Dangerous Materials;
  • Review of waste management practices;
  • Testing of machine- and product safety;
  • Review of emergency response planning, fire- and explosion safety;
  • Effects analysis of pending or future  legislation.

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